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Solutions for the Microfluidics Industry

Solutions for the Microfluidics Industry

With our new registration technology using CCD cameras, we can laser/die cut and laminate each layer to a precision of +/- 100 um (or better) in a roll to roll automated format. In some cases, we can achieve a layer to layer tolerance of +/- 50um. Our machines can have multiple lasers, where each laser can cut an individual layer and laminate in registration to the previous cut layers.

Some examples of products that can be made on our rotary die cutting machines:
  • Medical Disposables
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Lab-on-a-chip devices
  • Microfluidic flow channels
  • Blood glucose test strips
Some of the benefits of using our technology is:
  • No need for fixtures to ensure proper alignment of the layers. No need for alignment pins in your design.
  • Cutting each layer and laminating to the following layer in registration is performed on one machine. No need to cut each layer and use another machine for lamination.
  • Rapid prototypes and having the ability to scale up to mass manufacturing using the same machine you used for making the prototypes.
  • Easy waste removal after laser cutting. This enables a very high yield of good parts.
  • Only one operator needed to run the machine.
  • No limit to the number of layers you can have.
  • No tooling costs.
  • Easily make design changes in any of the layers via the software.
Sysco's machines can accomodate materials of different density, thickness and composition based on the requirements of your application.

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