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Romain Odeyer

Born on April 7, 1982 in Romans sur Isère (one does not choose!), Romain measures 1.91 m (maybe a little less today!), and has two younger brothers. He has always enjoyed practicing various sports such as skiing, rugby, and recently football. Since very young he is very curious, especially of everything that touches electronics, computers and technologies. He tried many different positions: metal carpenter, painter, salesperson, storekeeper..., and until the day he really discovered what he wanted to do. Today he is ambitious to evolve, to learn, and especially on Sysco machines!!

le saviez-vous

  • His diplomas: Diploma in electronic, a diploma of maintenance electrician for automatisation systems
  • His favorite hobby or activity: Sport, music ( creating / mixing ), movies/TV shows, cooking 
  • His mentor or favorite celebrity: Mac Gyver
  • Country or City he likes the most: Island (Country I hope to visit soon)
  • Languages he speaks: French and English (With a lot of progress still to make!)

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