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Cédric Moulin

Cédric like to try and get his hands on everything by nature, whether in mechanics (repair/modification of motorcycles), whether in computer science, or even in psychology! He has always put a point of honour on communication and understanding others, which is felt in his work, where he privileges constructive discussion while going straight to the point (still a few traces of my past as a football player!). He is driven by challenge and sight of a well-built project, well-tied from A to Z that takes everyone later around a good restaurant table to reminisce about past projects and discuss future projects around a good glass of wine!

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  • His diplomas: License in Professional Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • His favorite hobby or activity: Motorcycle, winter sports, mechanical sports
  • His mentor or favorite celebrity: Mickey Mouse. Not typical but it's just a mouse and yet no one wants to step on it. Even if you're different you can succeed, like me!
  • Country or City he likes the most: My quiet birth place: Marches, France
  • Languages he speaks: French and English

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